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The shipping container architecture at ISDSI and Rx Cafe is spectacular, and already drawing international attention for the innovative use of space, design, and natural light.

We can arrange room rental, coffee breaks, catering, and more. Just ask us! 

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 The Brockington Library

The Brockington Library

 The Seminar Room

The Seminar Room

 The Conference Room

The Conference Room

CLASSROOMS (6 rooms)

  • SIZE: 5 m x 4 m

  • CAPACITY: 5-10

  • SET UP: White board standard, flip chart optional. Flat screen option available in some rooms.

  • # of ROOMS: 4 rooms w/flat screen (all on second floor), 2 rooms without flat screen (one ground floor, one second floor)


  • SIZE: 5 m x 8 m

  • CAPACITY: Up to 20

  • SET UP: White board standard, flip chart optional. Large flat screen standard.

  • # of ROOMS: 1 room (ground floor)


  • SIZE: 7 m x 12 m

  • CAPACITY: 40 table seating, 60 with chairs only.

  • SET UP: White board standard, flip chart optional. Dual flat screens. Use of outside deck under the trees.

  • # of ROOMS: 1 room (third floor).


  • SIZE: 9 m x 7 m

  • CAPACITY: 10-20

  • SET UP: White board optional, flip chart optional. No flat screen. Cafe/Co-working space seating, conference table, couch, easy chairs, balcony.

  • # of ROOMS: 1 room (second floor)

Jump over to our Floor plan page to see the layout and specific rooms!

Other options 

Catered Coffee Breaks

  • Buffet style coffee breaks with drip coffee and snacks (fruit and baked goods) catered by Rx Cafe.

Catered lunch

  • Buffet style Thai food, menu selection on request

Other Options

  • Other ideas for food or coffee? Let us know in an email what you want to do and we can figure it out for you!

Want to use a room?  

Email us with your name and contact information, what you're interested in doing, and when you're interested in using our space!

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