Learn about brewing coffee, making Espresso and More!

We offer several type of classes about coffee at Rx Cafe, in collaboration with our partner, the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI). We want you to enjoy your coffee to the fullest at home as well as at our cafe, and one of the best ways to do that is through education. We work with Specialty Coffee Association trainers and others to offer the best learning experience you can get, from a casual introduction, to coffee to professional training, to accredited college courses.

We will be updating this page with new courses and links to sign up as we offer them!

SCA Coffee Courses

  • Intro to Coffee course (no max)

  • Green Coffee Foundation (8 students max)

  • Barista Foundation (6 students max)

  • Brewing Foundation (8 students max)

  • Sensory skills Foundation (8 students max)

  • Roasting Foundation (8 students max)

Bean to Cup Comprehensive (1 month for credit)

Are you interested in a month long immersion in coffee? ISDSI is offering a course “From Bean to Cup: Coffee Ecology, Production, and Consumption.” Open to college students and others, this is a limited enrollment course diving deep into coffee farming, production, cafe operations, and of course brewing coffee and barista skills. Hands-on, experiential, and unique!